Tuesday 21 July 2009

Metering and why?

It occurs to me quite frequently that companies are not using their energy metering to its full capacity and capability.

Firstly, many companies install metering to achieve building regulation compliance completely ignoring the fact that metering, comms and reporting systems are expensive. They are an enormous investment to make if the outcome is that one merely achieves building compliance.

Secondly, monitoring and metering is often seen to be a set of alarm bells, programmed to go off whenever anyone takes the time to notice.

What seems to be missed out of all this is that metering is, for a building, it's occupants and it's operators, a description of BEHAVIOURS.

A meter, especially a half-hourly one, tells all the reader wishes to know about
  • what was run
  • for how long
  • when
  • at what intensity
  • whether the system is worsening in its running condition
  • whether the system is likely to fail
I will likely write more on this again soon but as an end thought, I have yet to see any company make full use of this rather large capital investment through some fairly simple, low-cost, low-time measures.


Tuesday 7 July 2009

Well here it is, Sim Energy's first blog post.

After an extremely hot and sunny week it looks like we are paying for it with constant thunder and rain. Deep snow in January, storms in July - difficult to tell if climate change is happening amoung all this chaos ;-)